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Step on the sun
3 April 2018

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11 April 2018

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⋎ ⋎ ⋎ ⋎
13 February 2016

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27 July 2014

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Childish Dream
18 June 2014

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21 May 2014

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1 June 2012

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The Rain of Cranes
3 April 2012

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Playing with shadows
1 March 2012

Recent Comments

Mahdi on ..
واقعا دماوند در مه خیال انگیز و زیبا شده راستی، ایا این واقعیت ...

mohkum on ..
Lovely view against those mountains!

mac on ..
que preciosidad!!!!

Lewis on Flight
Fabulous catch ))

Lewis on ..
Beautiful against the snowy mountain.

Michael Rawluk on ..
That is perfect with that barely visible mountain.

Hiro on ..
Nice view ! Excellent composition !

fateme@@ on ..
طیف رنگی ملایمش قشنگه

Remus on ..
The presence of the mountain in the background, it was fantastic. Lovely moment.

Remus on Flight
A photo taken at the right time. Great timing. It was very well eternalized.

Remus on ....
Four adventurers in this immensity of white, where nature is always queen. Great photo!

Existence Artistique on ..
bien beau

Devi on ..
Amazing mood here ! The flying birds look great !

STEED on Rainbow in the cave
The Magic of the Light on these walls .........Superb !!!!!

STEED on ...
An instant as you are usual ......Great colours,great picture ....

STEED on *
Another superb part of an Amazing place ..Well done .

STEED on .
An interresting detail ......Superb picture,Omid .

STEED on Ride on the dragon
Amazing effect !!!!! Well done,Friend ....*****

STEED on ....
Somewhere on the Top of the World ......Superb shot,Omid .....

STEED on ..
EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!! *****

Anna Cherer on ..
A feeling of space and freedom !

Benkirane Thami on ..
Hautement symbolique ce couple de volatiles qui vole dans la même direction... Bonne fin de semaine lumineuse!

grouser on ..
in a good way :)

grouser on ..
lost in space

mo.langel on ..
Excellent composition!

Nina on ..
wonderful image!

Annierita & Annisabelle on ..
Superb ! A beauty. Annierita

badtgv on ..

Gérard on ..
Superb Omid !


Elaine Hancock on Flight
Absolutely beautiful! A gorgeous image!

Michael Rawluk on Flight
I love that shot. 5* from me as well.

Mireille T. on ....
So vast and beautiful! The hikers look so tiny! It's a wonderful shot!*****

Mireille T. on Flight
An elegant bird taking off! Excellent timing!*****

yo on Flight
Tout en finesse et élégance ! Magnifique instant !*****

yo on Ride on the dragon
Le photographe s'insère parfaitement entre les têtes de monstres !

helys on Flight

somayyeh on ....
انسان کوچک می تونه قله های بزرگی رو فتح کنه فقط باید اراده کنه ...

somayyeh on ....
عالی انسان کوچک می تونه قله های بزرگی رو فتح کنه فقط بایدد اراده ...

fateme@@ on ....
مسیر طولانی ... ...

fateme@@ on Flight
چه عکس لحظه ای خوبی شده حالت پاهاش خیلی قشنگ افتاده

Adela Fonts on Flight
An excellent ephemeral moment ...!

marceline on Flight
Instant magique waw quelle chance de pouvoir observer ces oiseaux magnifiques ;)

Willem on Flight
A well timed and nice result.

Steven on Flight
Awesome capture with that great wingspan!!

kerrfoa on Flight
Liberté et légèreté

mohkum on Flight
Fantastic high flying image! Congrats.

Existence Artistique on Flight

Don on Flight
A graceful flight image of this great looking bird. A very successful action picture.

Devi on Flight
superb capture of the bird in flight !

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